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Psychological Services


Adult Psychotherapy

The decision to see a psychologist can often be daunting and can create anxiety in and of itself. My aim is to make this process as comfortable and reassuring as possible. I provide a safe, empathic and non-judgmental therapeutic approach that seeks to help individuals to understand, explore and gain relief from their psychological difficulties. Individual psychological therapy is provided to treat a range of concerns including, but not limited to:


  • Depression                                                             

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Trauma including acute, post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Anger difficulties

  • Grief and loss
  • Adjustment to changing life circumstances

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Health related problems including acute and chronic illness

  • Weight and eating related difficulties

  • Post-natal depression, anxiety and other perinatal mental health problems

  • Parenting

Child Psychotherapy

Children and adolescents can experience a range of emotional, behavioural, social and other difficulties at any stage of their development. Research tells us that the earlier that children receive treatment for their psychological concerns the better their outcomes are for the remainder of the childhood as well as into their adulthood years. Child therapy may be sought for a range of difficulties including, but not limited to:

  • Behavioural problems

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Trauma including acute, post-traumatic stress, complex trauma

  • Sexual abuse

  • Adjustment to parental separation and divorce

  • Family violence

  • Depression and mood problems

  • Grief and loss

  • Attention and concentration difficulties

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Social problems e.g. difficulties establishing/maintaining friendships, bullying

  • Phobias and fears

  • School transition

  • Sleep problems

Circle of Security Parenting

Parenting is one of the greatest challenges that one may face in life. It is common for all parents to at times feel lost or uncertain about how to manage their child's behaviour and emotions, and how best to help them.

Circle of Security parenting addresses the underlying reasons as to why children behave the way they do. Behaviour is seen as communication. Circle of Security parenting teaches parents how to "read" and better understand their child's behaviour and needs. It provides parents with the knowledge and skills to interact with their children in such a way that the unwanted behaviours may be prevented in the first place.


Circle of Security is delivered to parents with children of all ages, expecting mothers and fathers. grandparents and anyone who provides a parental role to children. The program is run over eight weeks and sessions are between 1.5 to 2 hours duration. The program may be run with individuals, couples or in a group. Please call for more information or submit an online enquiry on the 'Contact' page to register your interest in this program.



A number of therapeutic and community groups are offered at various times. These include:


  • Depression and anxiety groups

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-compassion

  • Circle of Security parenting

  • Children's groups


Groups are run from the Port Kennedy office, however, may also be facilitated at corporate offices, small businesses or community centres upon request. Schools or day care centres who are interested in staff or parent participation in the Circle of Security parenting program may wish to have the program delivered within the school or daycare premises.


For further information or to register your interest in any of the groups above please contact the office on 0414 166 212 or submit an online enquiry on the 'Contact' page.

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